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The Plantil Facial Toner for cleansing and deep, thorough treatment of the skin, for all skin types. The Facial Toner is enriched with herbal
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LIFTING NUTRIENT cream mask – Подтягивающая и питательная крем-маска

For ageing and wrinkled skin. Excellent for immediate skin smoothing, firming and nourishing action. Contains highly proactive ingredients that
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RENEWING AND LIGHTENING CREAM MASK – Осветляющая и обновляющая крем-маска

Lightening Mask Active mask that smoothes the texture and clarifies skin pigmentation spots, hyper-pigmentation, chloasma, skin tone and more. Main
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DEEP MOISTURE collagen mask – Коллагеновая маска для глубокого увлажнения кожи

Collagen Mask An invigorating mask, rich in skin-nourishing proline to smooth away lines and wrinkles leaving a radiant look. Makes the
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NATURAL ENZYME PEELING – Натуральный энзимный пилинг

Natural Enzyme Exfoliator Natural peeling with natural acids that encourage blood circulation, remove dead cells, cleans the intercellular
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SEBO-BALANCING CREAM MASK – Себорегулирующая крем-маска

Fat-balancing Cream Mask This cream mask is rich in curative herbal and Plantil extracts for treating and calm the skin. It is easily absorbed,
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MILD CLEANSING MOUSSE – Нежный очищающий мусс

Mild Cleansing Mousse Suitable for all skin types, contains 12 herbal extracts for enhancing and cleansing your face thoroughly yet gently
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CLAY AND MUD PURIFYING MASK – Абсорбирующая и чистящая маска

Absorbent and Purifying Mask A mask that repairs and heals inflamed, irritated and oily skin. It clears toxins, balances the skin, cleanses
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AHA PEEL cream-scrub – Эксфолиирующий крем-скраб с АНА-кислотами

Creamy textured acidic peeling scrub, containing alpha hydroxy acids with concentrated, plant extracts for deep skin therapy with antioxidant,
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