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Anti Aging Products

Articles 1

Biological anti-aging cream 10% concentration of stem cells containing moisturizers Mkofslim release moisture suspended for 24 hours!
Contains Sikonin long live the cause of the skin.
Primary treatment of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity of the skin, neutralizes free radicals, which encourages cells to produce collagen and elastin proteins, factors that feed, firming and radiance to the skin.
The cream contains a unique formula of seaweed, peptide and active compounds that remain in the skin over time, the effect factor peptide lilies stretching for several hours, stopping time and fights skin aging.
Immediately after receiving the first use of skin texture Naimdmoi silk.

It is recommended to complete treatment with stem cells Firming Serum 10% Ultra Lifting Stem Cell Serum.

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